Marco Vacchi was born and grew up in a small city famous for the byzantine art and the mosaics in Ravenna Italy. His uncle gave him his first camera at the age of eleven and Marco’s brother taught him to not crop the picture in the frame when first taking a photograph. Marco has been interested in the visual arts since he was thirteen and started attending The School of Art in Ravenna. Cinematography was the first media art that made Marco fall in love with art. He spent a lot of time painting as well but he consider himself more a photographer.
He traveled though different continents looking for new experiences, inspiration, and learning from many different people how to put a smile on his face and feel alive.

From South East Asia to South America, he always had his camera with him. In 2011, Marco stop in New York as his last destination.

He started assisting the fashion photographer Michele Civelli who became his mentor, teacher and family in New York.
Through Michele and their experience, Marco learned a lot of techniques involving photography lighting and video, for the next four years while also assisting other famous names in the fashion photography industry, like Gianluca Fellini, Alan Gelati, and occasionally assisting the photographer Alexi Lubomirski.
Marco and Michele have a NY video production company Motioncameraproduction.com that made a promotional video for commercial clients.
Marco has been exposed in ARTE FIERA in Italy with some pictures of his street photography gallery, as well at CONARTIST GALLERY, in New York City.